How to Make Your Own Picrew Maker: The Ultimate Guide

Have you seen those trendy Picrew avatars all over social media? With Picrew, users can create cute, customized cartoon avatars to represent themselves online.

But did you know the Picrew website makes it possible for anyone to make their own Picrew maker? That’s right – you can become a Picrew creator yourself!

In this step-by-step guide, I’ll walk you through how to build your Picrew maker from start to finish. Whether you want to share a customized anime avatar creator, pixel art maker, or any other theme with the world – this tutorial has you covered.

By the end, you’ll have all the knowledge to join the Picrew creator community. Let’s get started!

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What is Picrew and Picrew Creators?

Picrew is a platform that allows artists to create avatar makers called Picrews for others to use.

How to Make Your Own Picrew Maker: The Ultimate Guide

As a Picrew creator, you can design your own Picrew maker with custom art and options. Users can then visit your Picrew to assemble avatars featuring your art and assets.

It’s a way to share customizable avatar creators while growing your audience!

Picrew lets creators:

  • Showcase their art & style
  • Gain a following
  • Allow commercial use (if enabled)

Users love Picrew for:

  • Custom, shareable avatars
  • Self-expression
  • Community bonding

Below I’ll guide you through making your own. But first, let’s look at why you should become a Picrew creator.

Why Make Your Own Picrew Maker?

Here are some top reasons to create your own Picrew:

  • Share your art – Showcase your style through custom avatar parts and items.
  • Build an audience – Picrews provide a direct link to your work that new fans can follow.
  • Monetize creations – Users can pay to use Picrew avatars commercially if enabled.
  • Grow social media – Picrew avatars spread across platforms like Instagram, increasing reach.
  • Creative challenge – Making all the avatar parts is great art practice!
  • Join a community – Picrew creators support and interact with each other.

Ready to join this creative community? Let’s get into the steps for making your own!

Step 1: Sign Up for a Picrew Creator Account

First things first – you need to sign up for a Picrew account. This allows you to create and manage your Picrew maker.

Go to and look to the top right. Click the User Icon button to go to the login page.

Next, click the User Icon to begin signup. Fill in the form with your info to register.

Once your account is created, you’ll gain access to the Picrew maker dashboard. This is where you’ll begin developing your Picrew maker.

Step 2: Configure Your New Picrew Maker

When first setting up your Picrew, you’ll need to provide key details like:

  • Name – Pick something catchy! This will be the Picrew’s title.
  • Description – Write a short summary of your Picrew’s theme and features.
  • Icon – Upload an icon that represents your Picrew. Square images work best.
  • Permission options – Choose if your Picrew can be used commercially or modified.
How to Make Your Own Picrew Maker

Take time to strategize these initial configs – they’ll shape how your Picrew is shared and used online.

Step 3: Add Template Parts for Users to Customize

Now for the fun part – let’s start creating the pieces users will customize!

In your Picrew dashboard, upload all the avatar parts and elements you’ve designed. These can include:

  • Facial features – Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc.
  • Hairstyles & Colors – Draw hairstyles that users can recolor.
  • Clothing & Accessories – Add tops, bottoms, hats, glasses, and more.
  • Backgrounds & Items – Scenes and objects to complement characters.

You can upload PNG images for clean results. Add as many options as you want in each category.

I recommend at least 10 different choices per part to give users creativity. The more options, the better!

Step 4: Set Up Part Layers and Customizations

With your parts added, it’s time to configure how they work together.

Using the layers menu, determine which elements overlay others during positioning.

How to Make Your Own Picrew Maker: The Ultimate Guide

For example:

  • Hair should be on top of the head shape
  • Clothes on top of the body
  • Necklaces over shirts

Get the layers right to make sure parts stack logically.

Next, set up customization options:

  • Enable movement so users can place parts precisely.
  • Allow rotation and flipping for versatility.
  • Add color variations to parts like hair, clothes, etc.

Tweak configurations until each part works smoothly. Test it out by creating sample avatars.

Step 5: Publish and Share Your Completed Picrew!

Once satisfied with all the parts and options, you’re ready to launch your Picrew officially!

Click publish in the maker dashboard to unlock the URL. Your Picrew will go live immediately for users to access.

Promote your creation by:

  • Sharing the link on your social media profiles
  • Encouraging your audience to try it
  • Posting example avatars to showcase the possibilities

The more you spread the word, the more users you’ll attract to try your maker.

Consider adding a watermark of your social handles onto avatar downloads too. This makes it easy for new fans to find and follow you.

Tips for Making an Excellent Picrew Maker

Here are some top tips to ensure your Picrew creation is top-notch:

  • Focus on an aesthetic like anime, pixel art, cute cartoons, etc. This gives your Picrew a defined look and feel.
  • Incorporate your own art style so your maker stands out. Show off what makes your art special!
  • Offer a wide variety of customization options. Users want to get creative and make avatars unique.
  • Be original. Provide avatar styles and parts people haven’t seen before.
  • Enable commercial rights so creators can monetize avatars. This incentive helps your Picrew spread.
  • Update with fresh items and parts over time to keep users engaged.

Making your own successful Picrew takes creativity and strategy. Apply the advice above to craft something truly compelling!

Turn Your Artistic Passion Into a Picrew Maker

I hope this guide gave you all the details needed to begin your Picrew maker creation journey. Just take it step-by-step.

You can design a fantastic Picrew experience with your artistic skills and imagination. Bring your avatar concept to life!

It does take work – but the payoff of running your own Picrew is worth it. You can share your art far and wide while connecting with an enthusiastic community.

So tap into your creativity, and start building your Picrew maker today! Users are waiting to turn your art into their avatars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What art/design skills do I need to make a Picrew?

You need to be able to illustrate avatar parts like faces, hair, clothes, etc. Strong skills in character design and digital art are best. Some creators 3D model parts too.

Do I have to know how to code or program to make a Picrew?

Nope! Picrew has an all-in-one interface that handles the coding. You just upload art and configure options visually.

What file types can I use for Picrew parts?

PNG images with transparent backgrounds work best. Some creators use JPGs too but may have to trim backgrounds manually.

Is there a size limit for Picrew images?

Picrew recommends square avatar parts of around 300×300 pixels. But sizes can range from 100×100 to 600×600 based on your art style.

Can I edit my Picrew after publishing it?

Yes! You can always access your published Picrew in the dashboard to add new parts, update options, etc.

How do I drive traffic to my new Picrew?

Promote it on your social media profiles and sites. Reach out to avid Picrew users to try it. Use relevant hashtags like #Picrew and #PicrewMaker.

Can I monetize my Picrew? If so, how?

Yes! Enable commercial rights in your Picrew settings. Artists who use your avatars commercially should pay you an agreed fee.

Are there any fees or costs associated with creating a Picrew?

Nope, making and hosting a Picrew is 100% free. Picrew does take a small commission on creations used commercially.

Do I have full copyright over my Picrew content?

Yes, you own your Picrew artwork fully. Users must give credit when sharing avatars featuring your work.

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