Can I Use Picrew for Twitch?

If you’re active in online communities like Twitch, you’ve likely come across some cute and quirky avatars or emotes created on Picrew. The popular avatar maker has a passionate user base that loves expressing themselves through custom Picrew art.

Most people ask this common question “Can I use Picrew for Twitch?” or can you legally use Picrew creations on your Twitch channel? What are the risks, and how can you safely incorporate Picrew assets into your stream?

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using Picrew for Twitch. Let’s start with a quick rundown of what exactly Picrew is and how it works.

Can I Use Picrew for Twitch?

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What is Picrew and How Does It Work?

Picrew is a website that lets users create customized avatars and characters easily. It offers tons of avatar template styles created by independent artists and designers.

To use Picrew, you simply:

  • Choose an avatar maker template you like
  • Customize the features like hair, outfit, expressions, and more
  • Generate your unique Picrew avatar!

Once created, you can download your Picrew avatar and use it across the web as your profile picture, emoji, sticker, and more.

Picrew exploded in popularity over the last few years. Its avatars have become a way for people to express their identity and creativity through cute, anime-style characters.

Is Picrew Allowed on Twitch?

Now you may be wondering — can I use my own or someone else’s Picrew as emotes, overlays, or icons on Twitch?

The short answer is yes, Picrew is generally allowed on Twitch, but there are some risks and limitations.

Twitch’s Terms of Service don’t explicitly ban Picrew. However, they do prohibit content that violates copyright or other laws:

“You agree that you will comply with these Terms of Service and Twitch’s Community Guidelines and will not: i. create, upload, transmit, distribute, or store any content that… (ii) infringes any third party’s copyrights or other rights (e.g., trademark, privacy rights, etc.)…”

So the main concern with Picrew is copyright violation. If you use assets without permission, you could get a DMCA takedown or ban.

To avoid this, you generally need to credit Picrew creators, only use templates that explicitly allow sharing, and modify the art to make it more unique.

Let’s go over some tips for safely using Picrew art on Twitch.

Yes, You Can Use Picrew – With Some Limitations

The key takeaway is that Picrew can legally be used on Twitch, but you have to take precautions to avoid copyright issues. Here are some best practices:

  • Only use Picrew images from creators who allow sharing/commercial use of their templates. Many Picrew artists prohibit reuse of their work.
  • Credit the Picrew creator visibly whenever you use their art. Failing to give credit can lead to DMCAs.
  • Remix and modify any Picrew art so it’s transformative. This reduces copyright risk.
  • If possible, collaborate directly with creators and compensate them for custom assets. This guarantees you have commercial rights.

Following these guidelines helps protect you legally and supports Picrew artists! Now let’s look at more detailed tips for using Picrew on Twitch properly.

Tips for Legally Using Picrew on Twitch

Using someone else’s artwork always carries some level of copyright risk. Here are some best practices for safely incorporating Picrew into your Twitch channel:

Review Permission and Usage Terms

  • Before using any Picrew template, read its permission statement and usage terms carefully. Many creators prohibit commercial use or sharing of their work. Only use arts that explicitly allow sharing.
  • Favor templates that allow commercial use and crediting over attribution-only ones. Commercial-friendly artists are best for monetized streams.
  • If terms aren’t clear, try contacting the creator directly and asking if you can use their work with proper credit. Get permission in writing if possible.

Credit Visibly and Prominently

  • Whenever you use someone’s Picrew art in your stream, credit them visibly along with it. Say their name and mention Picrew.
  • Display creator credits prominently on overlays or emotes. Written credit in descriptions isn’t enough.
  • Thank and shout out Picrew creators during streams when you use their art. Verbal credit shows appreciation.
  • If you commissioned custom art, visibly credit the artist in your stream title/overlay. Promote them!

Modify and Remix Picrew Art

  • Don’t just reupload exact copies of Picrew art. Modify pieces to make them more unique and transformative.
  • For emotes, consider mixing Picrew art with your own illustrations or edits. This reduces copyright risk.
  • Remix and layer Picrew assets to create your own overlays. Don’t just slap an unaltered Picrew onto your stream.
  • Adjust colors, crop images, and make other edits so the end result differs substantially from the original.

Collaborate and Commission Original Art

  • If possible, directly commission Picrew artists to create custom assets for your stream. This guarantees you have commercial rights.
  • Offer to credit and promote the creator in return for making you exclusive overlays or emotes. It can be a win-win deal.
  • Collaborating ensures the art is made specifically for your stream with the creator’s full consent.

Picrew artists work hard, so make sure to respect their effort and wishes. Follow these tips, and you can safely enjoy cute Picrew art on your channel!

Creative Ways to Use Picrew Assets on Twitch

Using Picrew art respectfully opens up lots of fun possibilities for your channel. Here are some creative ways to incorporate Picrew into your Twitch streams:

Custom Emotes and Badges

Having a set of cute custom emotes is a great way to engage viewers. Commission Picrew artists to make emotes featuring your mascot or brand.

You can also remix your own Picrew avatar into unique emotes. Just be sure to modify and edit them substantially to lower copyright risks.

Fun Overlays and Alerts

Use Picrew to design fun overlays with your avatar or mascots. You can even animate Picrew assets for custom alerts when users subscribe, donate, or cheer.

Just don’t simply re-upload a Picrew background as your overlay. Remix multiple elements into your own original overlay design.

Branding and Assets

Let Picrew inspire your overall channel branding. Turn your avatar into panels, offline banners, and other assets for a consistent look.

You could even offer Picrew avatar customization as a reward for top subscribers and donors! Just provide proper credit and follow the usage terms.

Interactivity and Polls

Integrate Picrew into channel interactivity like polls and submissions. Ask viewers to create and vote on different versions of your mascot.

You can also do Picrew re-creations of stream highlight moments. Get creative with ways to engage viewers!

With the right precautions, Picrew and Twitch make a winning combination. Now let’s look at how to get Picrew assets ready to use.

Downloading and Editing Picrew Art for Twitch

To use Picrew art on stream, you’ll need to download and then prepare the files. Here are some tips:

Download Legally

  • Only download your own Picrew creations or art you’ve been granted permission to use. Never simply steal and reupload someone else’s work.
  • When downloading your own Picrew creations, be sure to keep a record of the template creator. You’ll need to credit them if you use it.
  • Some templates disable downloading. You’ll need to take a screenshot or contact the creator for permission to use their work.

Edit and Customize

  • Edit downloaded Picrew art in image editing software before using on stream. Add textures, crop, adjust colors, etc to make it more unique.
  • To use a Picrew avatar as an emote, remove the background and resize it to the appropriate dimensions.
  • Double-check that any edited Picrew art still provides visible credit to the original creator. Keep them top of mind.

Optimize File Types

  • For emotes, use .PNG files with transparent backgrounds. This allows emotes to blend seamlessly over stream backgrounds.
  • For overlays and alerts, .PNG is also ideal, but .JPEG works if the background needs to be solid color.
  • Save edited Picrew art at the highest possible resolution to avoid pixelation on stream.

With the right tools and effort, you can transform Picrew art into polished assets ready for streaming.

FAQs About Using Picrew Art on Twitch

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using Picrew creations on Twitch:

Does using Picrew art violate copyright?

It can, if you use art without the creator’s permission or don’t credit properly. Always follow template terms and credit visibly to avoid copyright issues.

What are the risks of using Picrew on Twitch?

The main risks are DMCA takedowns if you use art improperly. Also, failing to credit Picrew creators can damage community relationships.

How should I credit Picrew creators on stream?

Thank and mention them verbally when using their art. Display the creator’s name prominently and visibly in overlays. Put written credit in chat and panels too.

What should I avoid when using Picrew content?

Don’t use templates that prohibit reposting/commercial use. Don’t just directly reupload art without modifying. And never use others’ creations without permission.

Can I commission custom Picrew art for my channel?

Yes! Many Picrew creators offer commissions. Directly commissioning exclusive emotes or overlays is a great way to guarantee you have rights to use their art.


Picrew offers amazing opportunities to give your channel a unique look and feel. With some creativity and care, you can incorporate Picrew assets safely and legally.

The most important things are respecting creators by following usage terms and giving proper visual credit. With the right approach, you can enjoy great Picrew art on your stream and support talented artists.

So go check out Picrew’s template library and start brainstorming ideas for your channel! Just be sure to collaborate with and credit creators appropriately as you incorporate Picrew into your Twitch ecosystem.

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