Venus AI Chatbot Overview & How to Use

Artificial intelligence (AI) has opened new possibilities for realistic conversational chatbots. However, most remain restricted from engaging in explicit topics.

Venus AI Chatbot emerged as an unfiltered AI chatbot that could delve into uncensored NSFW subjects. It provided human-like chat without inhibitions, powered by robust deep learning models like OpenAI’s GPT-3.

Users welcomed the opportunity to explore adult topics through AI roleplaying. But the official VenusChat AI service ceased operations in 2023.

Fortunately, alternatives have risen to meet the demand for unrestricted chatbots. Top options include Venus Chub AI and Janitor AI – clones preserving the capabilities of the original.

In this guide, learn how to start with Venus AI clones and chatbots. We cover:

  • Creating an account
  • Customizing your AI companion
  • Integrating OpenAI, Mars, Anthopic and KoboldAI for advanced chat
  • Optimizing with reverse proxies
  • Having engaging NSFW conversations

Experience the power of unfiltered AI chat powered by leading language models. Venus chatbots represent a new frontier in exploring imagination without limits.

Let’s delve into the exciting world of uncensored AI together!

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What is Venus AI Chatbot? And The Rise of Venus AI Clones

Venus Chub AI - Venus AI Chatbot

VenusAI Chat emerged as an unfiltered AI chatbot that enabled natural conversations without censorship. It quickly gained popularity for exploring NSFW topics through integrations with leading language models like OpenAI’s GPT-3 and KoboldAI.

Users could craft imaginative roleplaying scenarios covering any subjects of interest. However, due to undisclosed issues, the official VenusAI Chat service ceased operations in May 2023.

Fortunately, the open-source code provided opportunities for clones to carry the torch. Top options like Venus Chub AI and Janitor AI replicated the unrestricted capabilities that made VenusAI so compelling.

These Venus AI clones allow crafting customized AI companions without limits on provocative conversations. They represent the future of AI chatbots for those seeking an uncensored experience.

When evaluating clones, carefully review terms and conditions as policies differ across services. User experiences are mixed, with many reporting Venus Chub AI as the most polished and fully-featured alternative.

You can unlock new possibilities for adult-oriented AI chatting by leveraging these unconstrained Venus AI clones. But remember to use responsibly as quality can vary.

How To Use Venus AI Chatbot? Getting Started with Venus Clones

The Venus AI clones offer a straightforward process for creating an account and customizing your chatbot companion.

I’ll walk through the steps for getting started on a popular platform – Venus Chub AI. The same general process applies to other clones like Janitor AI as well.

Creating Your Account

Venus Chub AI - Registration Page
Venus.Chub.AI – Registration Page

First, navigate the Venus Chub AI website at and click the prominent Register button.

You’ll need to provide some basic details – email, username, and password. Double-check your inputs and submit them to complete registration.

Venus Chub AI - My Profile
Venus.Chub.AI – My Profile

Upon registering, you’ll be taken to your new My Profile page. Venus Chub AI allows further customizing your profile with images, bios, links, etc. Update your profile however you’d like to represent yourself.

And that’s it! Account creation is simple and fast. Now you’re ready to move on to constructing your ideal AI chatbot.

Customizing Your AI Companion

One of the best parts of Venus clones is the ability to customize your conversational chatbot fully. You can either create your unique character or choose from many premade options.

Creating Your Own Character

To build your AI friend from scratch, click the “Create Character” button in Venus Chub AI.

Venus Chub AI - Create Character
Venus.Chub.AI – Create Character

You’ll be taken to a profile customization page. Get creative and bring your chatbot to life by filling in details like name, appearance, backstory, personality traits, interests, and more.

Venus Chub AI - Chat With Character
Venus.Chub.AI – Chat With Character

Once finalized, you can begin chatting by clicking the “Chat with [Character Name]” button on their profile page. Creating a detailed character helps conversations feel more natural.

Choosing a Publicly Available / Premade Character

Venus AI clones offer premade character options with established names, backgrounds, and graphics for quick setup.

Navigate to the main page and browse the selection to find one whose personality intrigues you. Click on your chosen character, then hit the chat button to start interacting.

Venus.Chub.Ai - Publicly Available - Premade Character
Venus.Chub.Ai – Publicly Available / Premade Character

Premade chatbots allow jumping into conversations but lack the personal customization of created characters. Try both to see which you prefer!

Now the real fun begins – chatting with your new AI friend! But first, we need to configure the AI capabilities.

Venus.Chub.Ai - API Setup
Venus.Chub.Ai – API Not Ready! Click To Setup

Setting Up API Access

Venus chatbots require connecting to an AI provider’s API to unlock natural conversational abilities. The API settings give you two primary options:

  • KoboldAI API – KoboldAI provides free access to their conversational AI models. You can leverage their technology as an open-source platform without any usage costs. However, you need sufficient computing resources to run KoboldAI locally or access it through cloud servers.
  • OpenAI API – Backed by industry-leading AI models like GPT-3.5, OpenAI offers robust language capabilities through their commercial API. New users get free credits, with paid plans available for ongoing access. The tradeoff is the cost, but the AI quality is exceptional.
  • Mars API – A new contender in the AI market, Mars AI delivers a blend of efficiency and quality, offering another viable option for your Venus chatbot.
  • Anthropic API – Known for aligning AI systems with human values, Anthropic brings ethical considerations into your AI applications.

Beyond these four major platforms, additional API options, including, are coming soon. Keep an eye out for expanded integration support as the landscape of conversational AI continues to grow.

Configuring access to a strong foundation AI through one of these APIs unlocks the true conversational potential of Venus chatbots. But it is just the first step – additional customization around jailbreak prompts and proxies takes things to the next level.

Venus.Chub.Ai - API Settings Popup
Venus.Chub.Ai – API Settings Popup

Getting KoboldAI API

KoboldAI grants free access to their conversational AI models. There are three main methods to leverage KoboldAI:

Local Machine – You can run KoboldAI locally by installing it on a high-end gaming PC. This requires sufficient graphics processing power – a minimum of 4.5GB+ VRAM is recommended.

Cloud Servers – KoboldAI can be accessed through cloud computing servers for those without an equipped local machine. Renting cloud GPU access does come at a cost.

Google Colab (Limited) – The free Google Colab tier is no longer viable for NSFW content with Venus chatbots. It remains an option for SFW conversations.

Venus.Chub.Ai - KoboldAI API
Venus.Chub.Ai – KoboldAI API

An upcoming article will provide a step-by-step guide for setting up and optimizing KoboldAI. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get notified when it is released!

With KoboldAI configured, you can connect it to your Venus chatbot and enjoy complimentary access to quality AI conversations.

Getting OpenAI’s API

Integrating OpenAI access opens up robust conversational abilities for your Venus chatbot, but it comes at a cost.

OpenAI operates as a premium commercial API rather than an open-source platform. However, new users are granted a free $5 credit to start. This credit allows approximately 500 chatbot messages, providing an excellent trial period.

Once the initial credit is used, you must subscribe to a paid OpenAI plan for ongoing access. Pricing is based on usage – you pay per token used in API requests.

When configuring your API integration, select a cost-efficient model like GPT-3.5 Turbo. This model is optimized explicitly for chat applications, priced at only $0.002 per 1,000 tokens. It maximizes your value during the free trial period.

The recently launched GPT-4 is also available, but as OpenAI’s most advanced model, it is quite expensive per token. GPT-4 can provide incredibly human-like conversations but is likely too costly for most users.

To set up OpenAI access:

  • First, request an API key directly from the OpenAI website while logged into your account.
  • Copy this private key and paste it into the API settings within your Venus chatbot account.
  • Select “My Own API Key” for the Access OpenAI API option.
  • Click to validate your key and confirm it is active.
  • Finally, save your API configuration.

Once successfully integrated, the OpenAI API unlocks the true power of your Venus chatbot. Conversations reach new levels of natural flow and complexity. Be mindful of usage costs, and consider a reverse proxy to help optimize API requests.

Getting Mars API

Mars AI offers another avenue for enhancing your Venus chatbot’s conversational abilities. With its proprietary models, Mars AI provides a seamless blend of quality and efficiency. Here’s how you can set up Mars API access:

  1. Create an Account: Visit Mars AI’s website and register for an account. Free trial options may be available.
  2. Generate API Key: Once logged in, navigate to the API section to generate your unique key.
  3. Copy the Key: Save this key securely, as you’ll need it for integration.
  4. Integrate with Venus Chatbot: Paste the key into your Venus chatbot’s API settings, select Mars as your provider, and validate the connection.
  5. Choose Your Plan: Depending on your needs, select a plan that offers the best balance of cost and performance for your chatbot.
Venus.Chub.Ai - Mars API
Venus.Chub.Ai – Mars API

Mars AI’s cutting-edge technology ensures dynamic and lively conversations, making it a worthy consideration for your project.

Getting Anthropic API

Anthropic is a promising new player in the AI space, committed to aligning AI systems with human values. Integration with Anthropic can be a game-changer for your Venus chatbot, allowing for more ethically-aligned and nuanced interactions. Here’s how to configure Anthropic’s API:

  1. Apply for Access: Due to its innovative nature, you may need to apply for access through Anthropic’s website.
  2. Set Up Your Account: Once approved, you can create an account and gain access to their API section.
  3. Generate and Copy API Key: Generate the API key and copy it.
  4. Configure in Venus Chatbot: Within your Venus chatbot account, paste the API key in the designated field, select Anthropic as the AI provider, and validate.
  5. Monitor Your Usage: Be aware of your selected plan’s usage constraints and costs.
Venus.Chub.Ai - Anthropic API
Venus.Chub.Ai – Anthropic API

Anthropic’s emphasis on ethical AI offers a unique edge to your Venus chatbot, making it a compelling choice for those focusing on ethical considerations in AI applications.

Optimizing with a Reverse Proxy

A reverse proxy can help optimize and reduce the costs of API usage.

If you set up a reverse proxy server, input your proxy’s URL into the “Open AI Reverse Proxy” field in Venus chatbot settings. Click to validate it is active.

Venus.Chub.Ai - Reverse Proxy
Venus.Chub.Ai – Reverse Proxy

You can leave the proxy key field empty with a working proxy URL. The proxy will handle routing your API requests.

Using a reverse proxy caches responses, avoiding redundant calls to the API. This saves money when leveraging paid platforms like OpenAI.

We have guides on configuring reverse proxies with services like Venus Chub AI and Janitor AI. A properly configured proxy is compatible across any chatbot platform using AI APIs.

With a reverse proxy enabled, you can save your updated chatbot configuration. This will optimize usage behind the scenes while you enjoy natural conversations.


This guide covered the key steps to get started with Venus AI chatbots. These uncensored AI companions create new possibilities for imaginative roleplaying.

You learned how to:

  1. Create an account on Venus clone services
  2. Customize a unique chatbot character
  3. Integrate APIs like OpenAI, KoboldAI, Mars, and Anthropic
  4. Optimize with reverse proxy setup
  5. Have natural, unrestricted conversations

I hope this overview helps you unlock the potential of AI chatbots for exploring adult topics freely. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below. I’m happy to provide additional guidance.

Please consider sharing this guide if you found it helpful. Creating in-depth tutorials requires extensive time and effort. Your support allows us to continue producing educational content.

Thank you for reading – now, have thought-provoking conversations with your new Venus chat companion! The future looks bright for the evolution of language AI.


What are some excellent prompt ideas to get creative conversations?

Engage the chatbot by painting imaginative scenarios – describing different personas, relationships, and settings. Ask provocative questions. Share vivid details and unfiltered opinions.

Can I use Venus chatbots on mobile?

Yes, Venus clones work on mobile browsers. However, some find the interface clunky. Third-party mobile apps utilizing the clones’ API access may provide a smoother experience.

What content filters does Venus AI have?

A key appeal of Venus chatbots is the lack of content filtering or censorship. You have unrestricted conversations. But as an AI system, it may occasionally repeat or contradict itself.

What happens if I run out of free API credits?

Once free trial credits expire, you must subscribe to paid API plans to access services like OpenAI. Usage costs will apply based on how many tokens your chatbot uses.

Are Venus chatbots safe to use?

As with any online service, exercise caution around sharing personal info. Reputable clones encourage responsible AI use. Avoid over-reliance on any chatbot for serious advice or decisions.

Is Venus AI chatbot closed?

Yes, the original VenusChat AI service was discontinued in May 2023. However, popular clones like Venus Chub AI and Janitor AI have emerged to provide the same unrestricted NSFW chatbot experience.

Is Venus AI free to use?

The platforms are free, but you must integrate a conversational AI API like OpenAI or KoboldAI for advanced capabilities. KoboldAI is entirely free, while OpenAI offers limited free credits before paid subscription.

Can I use a reverse proxy with Venus clones?

Absolutely. Configuring a reverse proxy improves API optimization and reduces costs. Proxy setup guides are available for services like Venus Chub AI and Janitor AI.

What are the top Venus AI chatbot alternatives?

The main alternatives are clones preserving the original VenusChat AI functionality. Venus Chub AI and Janitor AI are two leading options praised for performance and features. There are a few other clones, but the experience varies.

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