How to Get Janitor AI Free API Keys and Set Up Reverse Proxies

Janitor AI has quickly become one of the most popular AI chatbots for creating entertaining conversations.

But did you know you can access Janitor AI free API keys and reverse proxies?

In this guide, I’ll explain where to obtain free API credentials, how to configure reverse proxies and provide tips on leveraging these free resources responsibly.

Whether you want to try Janitor AI or use it regularly, this guide has you covered! Let’s dive in.

How to Get Janitor AI Free API Keys and Set Up Reverse Proxies

Why You Need an API Key for Janitor AI

First, what exactly is an API key, and why is it needed to use Janitor AI?

An API or Application Programming Interface key is a unique authorization code that grants access to utilize certain software or cloud services.

Janitor AI and other AI chatbots need API keys to interact with the backend AI services that power their conversational abilities.

Specifically, Janitor AI relies on APIs from OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. Your unique API key provides authenticated access to generate human-like responses through GPT-3.

Without a valid API key configured, you won’t be able to use Janitor AI at all.

Paid plans from Anthropic provide official API access. But you can also find free community API keys to test out Janitor AI on a budget.

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How to Get Free Janitor AI API Keys

While Anthropic doesn’t officially offer free keys, various online communities have options to generate free Janitor AI credentials:

Pawn’s Free Key Server

The Pawn Discord community is one of the most popular sources for free Janitor AI API keys.

To obtain your free key from Pawn:

  • Join their Discord server
  • After a 10-minute wait, head to the #bot-cmds channel
  • Type /key, and the bot will generate your free key!

This API key provides 250 credits daily, which is great for basic Janitor AI testing. You can get more credits by supporting Pawn.

Moxxie’s Free Keys

Another Discord server that provides free Janitor AI keys is Moxxie’s Pit Stop.

To get your key:

  • Join their Discord
  • Go to the #get-a-key channel
  • Follow the steps outlined to obtain your free API key

Moxxie’s keys offer 100 credits daily, which is also usable for initial experimentation.

Other Sources

Check Reddit communities like r/AnthropicAI for occasional posts with free keys. You can also try contacting Anthropic support to request a limited free trial key to test Janitor AI.

Use search engines to find additional Discords or sites offering free keys. But stick to reputable sources, as some free key offers could be suspicious.

Understanding API Limits and Credit Systems

Notably, most free Janitor AI API keys come with usage limits. The two most common:

  • Daily credits – Keys usually have 100-250 free credits per day. Each AI query uses a credit.
  • Rate limits – Keys also have a per-second query limit, around 1-2 queries/second.

These ensure fair usage of the free keys. Once your daily credits or rate limits are crossed, the key will stop working until refreshed the next day.

Paid Anthropic plans offer higher limits, but free keys still provide good API access for light Janitor AI usage.

Setting Up a Reverse Proxy for Added Privacy

Free Janitor AI API keys can be used directly to start chatting. But it’s recommended to run your key through a reverse proxy service for added privacy:

What is a Reverse Proxy?

A reverse proxy acts as an intermediary between you and Janitor AI’s API servers. It hides your real IP address to keep your API requests anonymous.

This prevents the API provider from tracking your usage or location. It adds a layer of privacy when using a free community key.

Configuring a Reverse Proxy

Many free key providers like Pawn also offer free public reverse proxies you can use:

  • Copy the proxy URL (e.g.
  • In Janitor AI’s settings, enable Reverse Proxy and paste in the proxy URL
  • Add your API key in the “Reverse Proxy Key” field

That’s it! Janitor AI is now routed through the proxy for added anonymity.

Using Your Free Key Responsibly Within Limits

Once you have configured your free API key and reverse proxy, you can utilize Janitor AI!

Here are some tips for responsible usage:

  • Leverage your daily credits judiciously. Don’t spam queries.
  • If you hit your rate limit, take a break before resuming.
  • Always follow Janitor AI’s Terms of Service.
  • Don’t overuse the free proxies, be considerate of shared resources.
  • Ensure your conversations comply with the service’s content policy.
  • Report any abuse of the free keys to their community providers.

As long as you employ your free key and proxy access responsibly and within defined limits, you can enjoy Janitor AI without needing to pay!

Alternative Options for Free API Access

Aside from Janitor AI, there are a few other ways to experiment with AI chat freely:

  • Many Discord bots, like Anthropic’s Claude bot, offer limited free chatting.
  • You can try building a basic AI chatbot using Replika’s free friend bot.
  • Tools like Shortly Read let you sample AI writing for free.

While the capabilities may not match Janitor AI, these provide additional avenues to access AI conversation ability for free.

In Summary

I hope this guide has demystified how to obtain and use Janitor AI for free, using community API keys and reverse proxies:

  • Join Discord servers to generate free Janitor AI API keys
  • Enable reverse proxies for added anonymity
  • Leverage the free resources responsibly within defined limits
  • Alternatives exist to experiment with AI chat features

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to provide tips on accessing Janitor AI or any AI service through free means like API keys and proxies.

FAQs on Janitor AI Free API Keys

Where can I find a free Janitor AI API key?

Popular sources are the Pawn and Moxxie Discord servers. Follow their instructions to generate a free key with daily usage credits. Reddit or contacting Anthropic support are other potential options.

How do I set up a free reverse proxy for privacy?

Services like Pawn provide free public proxies. Copy their reverse proxy URL into Janitor AI’s settings and add your API key to route traffic anonymously.

What are the limits on using a free Janitor AI API key?

Most free keys offer 100-250 daily credits, plus rate limits of 1-2 queries/second. Use your credits judiciously within these set limits to avoid disruptions. Paid plans provide higher limits.

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