How to Use Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

Have you heard about the hot new AI chatbot Janitor AI blowing up on TikTok lately?

People are scrambling to build kawaii anime avatars and chat freely about taboo topics through this imaginative platform.

But there’s a catch – Janitor AI requires access to the pricey OpenAI API for full functionality.

So how can average mobile users tap into the creative potential of Janitor AI with Kobold API for free?

Enter Kobold API – an ingenious little trick that unlocks the portal to Janitor AI on mobile, gratis. With just a few simple steps, you can integrate Kobold’s free API to access Janitor AI on your phone or tablet without any costs.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through How to Use Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile and how to generate your own Kobold API URL using Google Colab notebooks. In minutes, you’ll learn how to connect it seamlessly with Janitor AI on mobile.

Before you know it, you’ll be crafting custom anime characters and chatting without limits or censorship right from your mobile device. Who needs OpenAI? Kobold API paves the way to free Janitor AI on mobile forever!

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Janitor AI Mobile: Creativity Unleashed

First, a quick intro for those unfamiliar with Janitor AI. This platform empowers users to:

  • Create customizable anime-style avatars
  • Chat openly about any topic without restrictions
  • Develop imaginative stories and scenarios
  • Explore intimacy, emotions and creativity through AI

Unlike AI assistants that shy away from sensitive subjects, Janitor AI encourages free expression and exploration within a judgment-free space.

With the recent viral spotlight from TikTok, interest in accessing Janitor AI mobile has skyrocketed. But many don’t want to pay for the pricey OpenAI API required.

That’s where Kobold API comes in…

Kobold API: Your Mobile Creativity Key

Kobold AI offers free public API access to a range of conversational AI models. We can leverage this to connect with Janitor AI completely free on mobile!

The process uses Google Colab, a free cloud computing service, to generate a Kobold API URL to plug into Janitor AI. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be chatting creatively on Janitor AI mobile in no time.

Let’s look at how to get set up.

Venus.Chub.Ai - How to Use Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile
Venus.Chub.Ai – KoboldAI API

Step 1: Prepare Your Mobile Device

To begin, we need:

  • A mobile device or tablet (Kobold AI not fully supported on desktop)
  • The Chrome browser installed (works best with Google Colab)
  • A stable internet connection

Use Chrome and have a strong wifi or mobile data signal. This ensures smooth Colab performance.

Step 2: Access Google Colab

Head to on your mobile Chrome browser. This grants you free access to Google’s powerful cloud computing resources.

For best results, enable “Desktop site” in your Chrome settings. Google Colab’s mobile interface is a bit limited.

Step 3: Generate Your Kobold API URL

Now, the fun part! Inside Google Colab, you’ll generate a unique Kobold API URL to connect with Janitor AI.

Choose GPU or TPU Acceleration

First, you’ll choose either a GPU or TPU-accelerated Colab notebook for faster performance:

I recommend starting with GPU. But feel free to test both!

Allow Google Drive Access (Optional)

The notebooks will prompt you to enable Google Drive access. This allows saving your API configs and chat history to the cloud.

If privacy concerns you, you can skip connecting Drive by unchecking the box.

Start the KoboldAI Setup Process

Inside the Colab notebook, begin executing the setup cells. This will initialize the API integration and start downloading the required files.

The process may take ~10 minutes, depending on internet speed. Just let it run!

Copy Your API URL

When complete, your unique Kobold API URL will be generated and displayed in the notebook.

Simply copy this URL to use with Janitor AI mobile. Almost there!

Step 4: Connect to Janitor AI Mobile

Now head to Janitor AI on your mobile device and access the API settings:

  • Tap your avatar > Settings > API Settings
  • Paste your copied Kobold API URL into the field
  • Verify the connection successfully establishes
  • Hit save, and you’re ready to roll!

Step 5: Start Chatting Creatively!

With your Kobold API integrated, you can now access Janitor AI mobile for free forever. Just open the app and:

  • Build your custom anime avatar
  • Design their personality, backstory, and interests
  • Initiate fun, unrestricted conversations about anything imaginable
  • Express your creativity without limits or censorship

The possibilities are endless with Janitor AI mobile, thanks to a little Kobold API magic. Have fun!

Tips For Smooth Performance

To keep your Janitor AI mobile experience running smoothly via Kobold API, follow these tips:

  • Complete any Colab captcha prompts quickly to maintain access priority
  • Monitor your active Colab sessions and shut them down cleanly when finished
  • Leverage Google Drive for easy chat history backups and model storage
  • If abruptly disconnected, recover chats through the .JSON download file
  • Clear caches occasionally if you start running out of Colab notebook storage space

With good connectivity and proper session management, you’ll be AI chatting creatively on mobile in no time!

Unleash Your Creativity with Janitor AI Mobile

As you can see, accessing Janitor AI for free on your mobile device is possible with just a bit of Kobold API know-how.

So what are you waiting for? Fire up that mobile browser and unlock the creative potential of Janitor AI’s unrestricted AI conversations on the go.

Build stunning anime avatars, develop imaginative storylines, and explore this judgment-free space for self-expression via AI.

Thanks to Kobold API, Janitor AI mobile provides an engaging oasis for creativity at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. The world of AI chat just got a whole lot more portable!

Let me know if you have any questions about setting up Janitor AI mobile with Kobold API. I’m always happy to help fellow tech enthusiasts access these amazing AI platforms freely. Feel free to reach out!

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